Will Reduced Construction Staff Cause Major Project Delays?

According to a Construction Dive article posted May 11, “The construction industry unemployment rate was 16.6% in April, up from 6.9% in March and far from the 4.7% posted in April 2019.” 

Amid record job losses over the last quarter, contractors are now scrambling to pick up the pieces and finish their current backlog of construction projects on time while keeping scheduled construction starts moving forward.

Reduced Construction Staff, More Delays

The worst is yet to come for many projects already severely impacted by delays. The question contractors are asking right now is how much the unprecedented nationwide shutdowns will affect them in the long run. Compounding the issue, reduced staffing will lead to even more delays, even as the economy is gearing to start back up after a harsh three months.

Here’s a look at the industry’s current situation:

Delayed and Canceled Projects

Thirty-five percent of contractors report that one or all of their projects have been stopped by Government mandate as a direct result of COVID-19 and 67% have had at least one contract outright canceled. These impacts have forced virtually every contractor to make difficult decisions, including massive reductions of staff, leaving the country’s construction industry unemployment rate at record levels. 

As projects are slowly getting the green light to start back up, companies are reaping the consequences from months of cutting costs through shedding a significant portion of their labor force, and now find themselves without the necessary manpower to get anything done.

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