Gadzoom Provides Contractors with FREE COVID-19 Response Plans

Gadzoom Provides Contractors with FREE COVID-19 AHAs

As the construction industry faces what could be considered its worst crisis in history, it has been uplifting to watch the industry work in unison.

From associations lobby to keep construction’s designation as “essential”, to companies developing innovative answers for brand new issues, to safety professionals sharing life- saving information, the construction industry has answered the call with an “all hands on deck” approach that should make everyone proud.

The Army Corps of Engineers has done amazing work to facilitate the construction of multiple, large field hospitals in a matter of days, continuing to move through a design/build process of converting hotels to fully-functional hospitals in less than two weeks; all amazing feats for which they have been given much-deserved credit.  

And right there, either in a primary or supporting role, has been the nation’s contractors, partnering with the Corps night and day to make the impossible happen in the country’s time of need.  

Supporting Construction Professionals

Here at Gadzoom, we are proud of our industry and want to help in any way that we can. That’s why we’re providing contractors with free COVID-19 Prevention Plans and AHAs. Designed to save managers time and take the guesswork out of putting one together, our document is available to anyone interested with absolutely no monetary commitment. 

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Here’s what you should know:

Eliminate Wasted Time on Construction Documents

The difficult truth is that construction documents take too much time to complete, even when companies are fully staffed. It can typically take a team days or even weeks to put together mandatory safety documents like AHAs and Accident Prevention Plans. In the situation we are facing today, many construction managers simply cannot afford to set back their projects for much longer. 

Now more than ever, working inefficiently is not an option, and companies must do everything they can to streamline the way they generate their documents. Gadzoom is here to help. Our platform enables contractors to regain lost time that would otherwise further impact the schedule, costing time and money. We want the industry to thrive during these difficult times, and it starts with addressing the problem head-on.

Based on the Most Up-to-Date Information

All of our documents are developed using the latest industry safety information, including OSHA and USACE reference standards.  These are the reasons why we’ve extended access to our exclusive COVID-19 response plan to the general public at no charge. Simply create a trial account on our website, and in just a few minutes, the document is yours. No credit card needed.  While you’re generating your free documents, take note of the ease of the program, and let us know what you think.  

We’re all in this together.  Construction professionals helping construction professionals to protect our most valuable resource, our employees.  We all want to do our part and help so that our industry, our nation, and our way of life can get back to normal as quickly as possible. 

Get Documents & AHAs Online Using Gadzoom

Gadzoom enables contractors to generate important documents in minutes, giving them the freedom to run and manage the business without all the headaches that come with administrative responsibilities. Our company was born to make construction document management as streamlined as possible. You can create a variety of government compliant safety and administrative documents at the touch of a button. 

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Documents, like site safety plans in particular, now have the added hurdles of putting in new measures to mitigate the risk to workers from the coronavirus. This process already takes hundreds of hours to complete in a typical work environment.